A big Wild Haven round of applause is in order,  this is Chad's first ever appearance as a musician in front of a non-campfire crowd! He is influenced by a wide variety of classic rock and jazz, but his favorites are The Who,  The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult and Frank Zappa.  His occasional bouts of ADHD are mostly under control, and he is completely harmless to the audience, although he might have a tendency to jump from one song to another without actually finishing any of them. As Warren Zevon said, "He's just an excitable boy". That's just a unique part of his stage presence. Chad is also a disc golf addict, and has helped design some courses in the region. We might even be able to talk him into running a clinic during the festival before his stage debut.

Art Director

Chad Beehler

Solo/Classic Rock Covers




Next up, Adam Bauer is another first time player on a "big stage". He has been playing music since he was in diapers and plans to continue until he is in them again. Over the years he has experimented with piano, organ, guitar, harmonica, French horn, flugelhorn, trumpet, melodica, ukelele, fiddle, banjo, jaw harp, percussion and choir! Basically, he is interested in anything that makes noise via banging, blowing, strumming, plucking, squeezing or vaguely waving your hands in the air. His main influence is The Beatles, and is often mentioned as a perfect blend of George and John. A "Yooper" native, he now lives in central Michigan with his incredible wife and rowdy son. When not making music, he survives by doing analytical chemistry.

Head of Sales

Adam Bauer

Solo/Classic Rock Covers



Me at Pond Jam 2018.jpg

The host/owner/operator/perpetual greens-keeper of Wild Haven, "Wildman" has had a love of music that goes back a couple of generations. His paternal grandfather, Josef Wildner Sr., was a 1920's immigrant from the Sudetenland (modern day Czech Republic) who was a very well known accordion player in Cicero, Illinois during the Al Capone era, and also did a stint with Guy Lombardo's band. MJ Senior is a self-taught musician, learning everything by ear. He started out on guitar at 16, switched to bass at 21, and within the last 5 years has gotten into the solo acoustic "folk singer" style. He has been in a boatload of bands that nobody has ever heard of, "Wildman" is influenced by a wide variety of music, from Austrian Classical to Punk. His main rock artists of note are: Warren Zevon, Neil Young, Blue Oyster Cult, The Tragically Hip, Elvis Costello, and Van Morrison, and he has recently begun an obsession with the music of Richard Thompson.

Product Manager

Michael "Wildman" Wildner

Solo/Classic Rock Covers

Guitar/Bass Guitar/Vocals



"I wonder how [The Manatee Jam Band] is gonna sound wit no percussion?"* No need to wonder, Gary Warren is the anchorman of the rhythm section of the Manatee Jam Band. Another self-taught musician, Gary picked up the drums so that he could join in on the campfire jam sessions and now he's the Ringo Starr of the group. Although at 6'4" tall, "Girth"has nothing to do with his size, it's actually a colloquial expression from the college he attended, which means a "general state of uncleanliness and disorder". You'd have to hang out with him for a while to get it. In addition to performing as the percussionist in the Manatee Jam Band, he will also be backing up the three solo guitarists in a few of their songs. He once performed in a short-lived band that never settled on a name, but did gig under the names "TBA" and "Spiney Norman" while sharing a house with "Wildman" back in the early 1990's, on the outskirts of the Detroit metro area, as the lead vocalist/front man. The Wild Fling will be sort of a "re-debut" for him on stage. You want more cowbell? Girth is the man. [*- NOTE: quote is adapted  from an SNL skit "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" with Eddie Murphy, after he stole Smokey Robinson's drums]

Product Manager

Gary "Girth" Warren

Classic Rock Covers

Percussion/Vocals/Scream Therapy

Rhythm Support

Jam Band Small.jpg

The Manatee Jam Band is a group made up of various musicians, mainly the three solo guitarists listed above with "Girth" on the drums. Other musicians may occasionally jump in on certain songs, which is part of their collective "jam band" open form stage presence. They are the textbook definition of a "campfire band" as they were born doing just that - playing around the campfire together. Since they live in different corners of Michigan, their only "rehearsals" take place whenever they camp together, typically between 1-3 times per year. They by no stretch of the imagination are a touring professional band, but they are definitely entertaining. They also are a very open and welcoming band, and may ask or persuade other musicians to join them. Their distance and lack of consistent practice sessions means you are getting a truly LIVE performance, which may include bits of improvisation here and there. Fasten your seat belts, and return your dining trays to their upright position.

Product Manager

Manatee Jam Band

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Various Jams & Instruments


Stellar Association.jpg

Stellar Association lays down a mix of catchy originals laced with inspiration and choice cover tunes, revived with heart and soul! With dual guitars, tenor sax, a monster rhythm section and powerhouse vocals, they are a must-see band. I know there is at least one disc golfer in the band, the drummer Jack Jensen came out to Wild Haven in its early days, and he is responsible for planting this idea in our heads way back then. They were actually not on the original lineup but suggested as a replacement for one of the other acts that had to cancel. They have been very active lately in the Manton area, playing gigs at local establishments and in the Friday night music at the band shell near the old railroad station in town. They will be performing at Latitude 44 in Manton on Friday, August 30th.

Product Manager

Stellar Association

Originals & Covers

Rock & Soul


The Medicine Bell.jpg

A big band from the little town of Alden on the shores of Elk Lake, this group is gaining in popularity in northern Michigan with gigs all over the map. They are veterans of the Pond Jam music festival held every Labor Day weekend. They will be the perfect bookend for a day of rock & disc as the last band up for the event. They have a recently released album, "From the Yoke", and hopefully someone from the band will be selling copies of this and other swag at the gig. This year, they are on the 2nd stage during the Sunday 7:45-8:45 slot at Pond Jam.

Product Manager

The Medicine Bell




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