Campsite C

Campsite 'C' is located at a busy junction on Yetisburg situated between Holes 11, 14, 17 and 18. The site has a fire ring and a patio table with 4 chairs that can be easily moved to wherever you need them. The site has some hilly terrain and so there are several options for tent placement: at the valley just behind 17's pin, at the hilltop behind 11's pin, and in Spring of 2017 we will be carving out a nice shaded spot suitable for a small tent in the treeline between 11 and 12.
Pros: You would have a short walk to start playing from holes 12, 14, or 18 from this site. Lots of different tent site options, some shade trees on the east side of the site and between holes 11 & 12.
Cons:  Most of the tall trees are along the north edge, so they don't give a lot of shade. The valley site can act like a wind "funnel" when the wind is out of the southeast. 

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