Campsite D

Campsite 'D' is nicknamed the "Beach" site because of its soft sandy ground. It is nestled in a nice little evergreen "cove" along the walkway from Hole 12 to Hole 13 on Yetisburg.
Pros: one of the sites with the most shade on site. Lots of fallen lumber nearby for firewood. It is the least used site so it almost always is available - we have one group of regular visitors that prefer this site.
Cons: the sandy ground is not the greatest for camping unless you can really anchor your tent down. It's a little bit more of a walk to this site from the nearest parking area (just the other side of Yetisburg #13 Gold tee), so you would have to haul your gear about 150 feet. It's also in a spot that gets the most traffic noise from the freeway, although traffic is very light between 10pm-7am.

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