COVID-19 Update


1. All players MUST register, become a MEMBER, and also PAY ONLINE BEFORE coming out to the property. I cannot stress this enough. If you choose to enter the property without first registering, you will be considered TRESPASSING. Which means you will have to deal with me personally, or preferably, the local police. I may choose to call them first, so for anyone who thinks they can SKATE around this, don't expect that you can just talk your way out of it because I'm a "nice guy". Not any more.

2. All players MUST purchase an specific type of membership:

A) Day Use - a one-time annual $10 fee for membership, which includes 2 single day passes; from that point forward, each time you play will cost $5 per day - regardless of how many holes you play.

B) Season Pass - a one-time annual $50 membership fee. This allows you to play unlimited disc golf at your leisure for the entire year - no additional per-day use fees. You will also receive half off the camping fee ($5 per night instead of $10), and extra perks for the Disc Shop and any special events at Wild Haven.

3. After you have registered and paid as a member, you will have access to the tee time booking pages. You must specify a "tee time" which is the earliest that you can begin playing, it does NOT mean you have to be there at exactly that time. it DOES require that when you do arrive, you MUST maintain a one-hole separation between yourself and any groups in front or behind yours. We will try to do everything in our power to make it so that no one has to wait; that being said, if a group in front of yours is playing slow, please be courteous and kindly ASK them (while respecting social distance) if you may play through. Most golfers recognize this, if anyone gives you trouble about playing through just inform our staff and we'll make sure they never play here again. From now on, it's the courteous way or THE HIGHWAY.

4. I can't stress this enough: PLAYERS MUST PLAY IN GROUPS OF 4 OR LESS. If that means one of your buddies has to play solo/Cali on the tee in front of you, that's how it MUST be. At least until the risk from Covid-19 goes down to virtually ZERO. Any violations of this will result in immediate removal from the property, fees will NOT be refunded, and you will not be allowed to play here in the future. Sorry but it's become time for tough love.

5. If you are NOT playing solo, or playing with anyone that you do NOT normally live with, you MUST WEAR A MASK. And by that it must also be over your mouth and nose - wearing one around your neck does not count and does absolutely no good. You may have the virus and be completely free of symptoms - masks are not about YOUR safety as much as they are a CONSIDERATION or "COURTESY" (golfers SHOULD know that term) for the players having to share a small tee area or putting green WITH YOU. It will also decrease the likelihood that any of the virus will end up on commonly touched items, like tee signs, brooms, and baskets.

6. Please try to minimize hand contact with course amenities, especially signs and baskets.

7. Wild Haven reserves the right, like any other Private Golf Club, to restrict membership or play as we see fit. With that in mind, please be aware that not all memberships will be accepted. If your membership is rejected, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees already paid.

8. As a member, you have the right to cancel your membership at any time with no penalty. You can always upgrade to the Season Pass by paying the additional $40. You CANNOT transfer your membership or allow a friend/relative/spouse to play under YOUR membership - every player must maintain their own.


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