Wild Haven Closed Indefinitely

Updated: May 8

Sorry folks, but it looks like we are going to have to have the place closed until further notice. We honestly don't know when we can reopen. For the time being, the memberships/season passes are on hold. If and hopefully when we do reopen, we will be using this process. It will also give us a lot more time to work out the kinks of doing it all online.

I wish I could point to a magic date and say "that's it"! I thought if I just kept thinking positive that things would turn around. Yet every day I wake up and read another story about someone that doesn't think Covid-19 is serious, and thinks they have some "right" to get in someone else's face and yell and spit on them. Or act like not wearing a mask is some kind of political statement or a badge of being "macho". I would have NEVER imagined politics in America would get so toxic that we can't even agree when we are facing a very real, very deadly, invisible enemy that has no political agenda but here we are.

After a serious family discussion, we decided that it just isn't worth the risk to us personally to have any of us potentially exposed to Covid-19. And right now, since it was first and foremost our "vacation property", it's the one place on earth that we can escape to from our home for a bit and feel safe. And that safety net will be GONE as soon as we let anyone else out there.

Are we afraid? You bet we are. Not just of the disease itself, which is pretty horrific. Just ask ANYONE in the hospitals dealing with this right now if they think we should "open up". No, what really scares us is how anxious people are to rush back to "life as normal". And as much as it is a GIANT financial burden to have the place closed, the health risk to me personally is such that we would just rather "ride the storm out" as much as we can.

So to our loyal players, we are sorry, and we will miss you...and to you and those that have never been to Wild Haven, when we do *hopefully* reopen we will have some new things to show you. Take care, STAY HOME STAY SAFE, and keep working on your putting.


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