Terms and Conditions of membership

A. This membership grants the individual purchaser ("Member") ONLY the right to be able to visit and attend special events at Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort, located at 9520 E. 18 1/2 Rd, Manton, Michigan 49663.

B. Registration is MANDATORY BEFORE coming to visit the property. Non-registered members that enter the property FOR ANY REASON will be considered TRESPASSING and dealt with accordingly.

C. Each Member is responsible for acting according to the Discs Golfers Code as published by the PDGA:

1. Play Smart - NEVER throw into a blind area or when players, spectators, pedestrians or other facility visitors are within range. USE A SPOTTER.

2. Respect the Course - Observe ALL posted rules. No littering, graffiti, or abuse of equipment or natural surroundings

3. Represent the Sport - Be POSITIVE and RESPONSIBLE. Teach others through YOUR behavior.

D. Wild Haven is considered a FAMILY FRIENDLY venue. We also have neighbors with children and pets that have been given permission to use the property. Treat them as if they are also the owners. Please keep that in mind, that while you are visiting you may not be the only person out there. Rude, obnoxious, intoxicated, or otherwise disrespectful behavior will result in immediate removal from the property and revocation of membership without any refund.

E. Wild Haven has no set "open" hours - we also have night play. This is a fairly unique feature of a disc golf course. Anyone playing at night must also be VERY respectful of the neighbors. The most noise sensitive areas are the main Parking Lot and Yetisburg Tee #1. ANY complaints about noise at night will result in this feature being shut down; so be courteous or night golf will no longer be allowed.

F. Weapons are NOT ALLOWED on Wild Haven property. AT ALL. ANY KIND. Anyone found carrying a weapon on the property will be immediately removed and membership will be permanently revoked. This revocation may be extended to family or friends of an offending member as determined by management.

G. It is the opinion of the owners of Wild Haven that Donald Trump and anyone supporting him are self-proclaimed "White Supremacists", better known as Nazis, and we have no tolerance for that philosophy here. Anyone fitting that description is prohibited from membership at Wild Haven. Anyone found on the property in possession of visible Trump-related clothing or promotional accessories, including but not limited to yard signs, bumper stickers, and flags, including but not limited to Confederate and/or Nazi flags, will be banned from the property, and any memberships will be revoked.

H. Wild Haven is PRIVATE PROPERTY - it is NOT a public park. With that in mind, the owners reserve the right to deny memberships, revoke memberships, and remove anyone from the property at any time as they see fit. 

If you agree with all of the above terms, and are ready to join Wild Haven, click the "Buy Now" button below to make your annual membership payment. (Currently $10 plus any PayPal/Credit Card Fees). When the transaction is completed, you will be taken to the Membership Sign-Up/Login Page. If NOT, then click Cancel & Return to Home Page.

Our Address

Resort Location:

9520 E. 18 1/2 Road Manton, MI 49663


266 Ginger Court, Traverse City, MI 49696

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TEL: 231-709-5820

E-MAIL: info@wildhavendiscgolf.com

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